Opinion Line (Nov. 4)

11/04/2012 12:00 AM

11/02/2012 5:51 PM

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Isn’t it noteworthy that as the federal government becomes progressively domineering toward the states, the states coincidentally respond by passing open-carry laws?

If U.S Attorney Barry Grissom gets tough on illegal immigrants in the Wichita area, who’s going to do my roof?

So they investigated McDonald’s and caught one illegal worker. Here in Kansas, think how many they would find if they went after the highway contractors. Then there are the feedlots and meat-processing plants. We should not forget motels, hotels and nursing homes. A lot more needs to be done.

The Eagle needs to publish the pictures of all the losers at the Kansas Star Casino. Oh, right – there wouldn’t be enough room for any news items.

Hawker Beechcraft has abandoned it pension obligations to its retirees. Now it wants to abandon its warranty obligations to its Premier and Hawker 4000 customers. I don’t think future customers would buy a used Pinto, let alone a new airplane, from any company with such business ethics.

Onex, quit losing money and please put Spirit AeroSystems up for sale so Boeing can buy it back.

If I draw a city permit and don’t get the work done in a set time, the city comes after me. But Real Development can take all the time it wants at Exchange Place.

So 10,000 Kansans in nursing homes are receiving $150 a day from the state Medicaid program to pay for their care. Are they part of the 47 percent? If so, what do we do? Tell them to get a job, turn them loose on the street, or move them back home with their kids?

The Obama-Biden income-tax increase hits on Jan. 1. Every income-tax bracket gets an increase. The average increase per household is $2,500. Are you ready for less money in your pocket?

How much longer are you Obama voters willing to wait for him and the Democrats to fix the economy? Four, six, eight more years? The proper policies would have righted the economy within three years tops.

On day one Romney is going to call China a currency manipulator. On day two he will call China and apologize.

It is time this country curtailed all foreign aid and devoted these funds to our own country. We need to take care of No. 1 instead all these foreign countries that love our money but hate us.

Don’t let Wichita be known as the “Cavity Capital of the World.” Water fluoridation is what we need.

As hot as the summers have been around here, it might make better sense to put asbestos in our water.

We ask that rednecks do not throw chicken bones from their pickups near the sidewalks where our dogs can get to these dangerous bones. We’ve spent $190 on vet bills. Perhaps these people haven’t discovered that there are modern conveniences such as trash bags, flush toilets and vacuums.

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