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11/05/2012 12:00 AM

11/02/2012 5:03 PM

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For more than 40 years I have heard politicians at the local, state and federal levels say they are running for office to help improve the schools. Yet I still hear our schools have problems. Their talk is cheap.

Count me among those who truly appreciate the compassion and leadership President Obama has provided since the devastating megastorm.

Republicans do not believe in intervention by the federal government, investing in infrastructure or climate change. Hurricane Sandy has proved them wrong.

I am waiting to send in my donations to the hurricane relief until all the countries that we support for unknown reasons send back what my tax dollars have provided for them.

“Downward” is now a more accurate slogan for President Obama’s campaign than “Forward.”

I’ve always had a great deal of respect for Colin Powell and consider him to be extremely intelligent. I’m glad to see that we will be voting for the same candidate, and basically for the same reasons.

The choice could not be more simple. You can vote to save the United States of America, or you can vote for Obama and Biden.

Proof that the September unemployment rate was a lie is that the rate is already going back up. It was just a fake number to help Obama. The truth is returning.

I don’t understand conservatives who complain about all the federal spending and then want to put $2 trillion in defense. We could cut defense, because it is a new lean fighting machine – like 007. Less can do more.

The U.S. and Israel have been in a squabble with Iran on nuclear warhead development. Has anyone realized that the person often really running the White House is Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett? Conflict of interest?

You can bet there is a skunk in the woodshed anytime gasoline prices are cheaper in both Kansas City, Kan., and on the Kansas Turnpike than in Wichita.

Our cat was struck and killed beside our mailbox. We found our kitten, also dead, just down the street. Maybe next time it will be a kid, grandmother or another person enjoying the neighborhood. Drivers: Please stop killing the ones we love. Slow down in residential areas.

I want to thank The Eagle’s Beccy Tanner for her excellent work throughout 2011 and now the whole compilation of the Kansas trivia. I am saving the copy for my children.

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