Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 2)

11/02/2012 12:00 AM

11/01/2012 6:18 PM

I am astonished at the number of people who are in favor of fluoride when they don’t have any idea what it will cost at the tap. Do these people buy a car without knowing the cost? Businesses will pass along the cost to the consumer.

When you consider that the vast majority of the water that we use goes down the drain, is this really a good idea?

I am afraid that fluoride in the water might damage our brains, and make us all into Democrats.

Mitt Romney’s phony staged disaster relief event not only shows what a phony he is, but that he will use other people’s misery for his personal gain. Why would anyone vote for someone like that?

If Romney was so successful as governor of Massachusetts, why did he not run for re-election? And why was his approval rating at the end of his term 37 percent?

If Obamacare is supposed to be so great, how come my health insurance is going up next year by 82 percent with one fewer dependent?

Before you vote, and I hope you do vote, please go to Fox News and get the facts on this election and help the United States be safe.

If you plan to vote for Obama, you should see the movie “2016: Obama’s America.” It’s scary what his agenda really is. Be aware of what America could become.

President Obama said to cut the red tape and get help to the hurricane victims. Finally he sees the burden that government help incurs.

Kudos for the big fine to the McDonald’s owner for hiring illegals. No jobs, no illegals.

Boeing’s departure from Wichita doesn’t necessarily mean a burgeoning economy for Oklahoma.

The workers at Bombardier Learjet are just that – workers. They have a job that they chose to walk off of. They are not unemployed. Go back to work and quit trying to get the public to feel sorry for you.

The first 24 years of my life were spent in the bituminous coal region of Pennsylvania. I am familiar with coal-fired furnaces, cookstoves and water heaters. I would like someone to describe “clean coal” to me.

Protesting veterans’ funerals may be legal, but it doesn’t make it right. Dumping huge amounts of undisclosed money into super PACs to influence the election outcomes may also be legal, but it doesn’t make it right.

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