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11/01/2012 5:13 PM

11/01/2012 5:13 PM

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It was amazing to see how many babies and toddlers came to my door trick-or-treating who were way too young for candy. I wonder who was getting the candy. I even had an adult who asked for two more pieces of candy, suggesting there were other kids in the car. Yeah, right.

That was my last year to hand out candy. When people’s little monsters – and I’m not talking how they’re dressed – show up without Mommy or Daddy or other adult supervision, take candy from me and then destroy my property right in front of me, that’s the end.

It is sad when parents are more concerned with the loss of a costume parade than they are with low test scores. Parents can provide Halloween after school. School is for an education.

My kid wore a Mitt Romney mask for Halloween. Now I am left with one good flip-flop and one with two eyeholes.

Have you listened to Romney lately? Be not afraid. He’s inspiring. He’s not yet a Reagan, but he’s a darn close second.

It makes no difference who wins the presidential election. We’re just going to keep spiraling downward, out of control.

It appears the level of competency in the Sedgwick County Election Office is questionable. Is the election commissioner’s appointment based on capability or political connection?

After nearly two weeks, I still hadn’t received my mail-in ballot. When I voted in advance I was made to fill out a provisional ballot. I am now a provisional American. My vote will not be counted until after Election Day.

So you think fluoridation is too expensive? Who do you think pays for all those trips to the emergency room due to dental problems? Taxpayers. And all that does is put a Band-Aid on the problem, because the rotten teeth don’t get fixed or removed.

It amazes me that we would fluoridate the water supply when nearly half of the citizens don’t want it. Why wouldn’t we respectfully consider a compromise to satisfy everyone?

If the public uses less water when the fluoride issue passes, will the Wichita water department be forced to raise rates again?

Who is supporting this anti-fluoride campaign? A lot of money has been spent trying to support a campaign that cannot stand upon the scientific facts.

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