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November 1, 2012

Opinion Line (Nov. 1)

President Obama can thank Hurricane Sandy for providing something he never could create – thousands of shovel-ready jobs.

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President Obama can thank Hurricane Sandy for providing something he never could create – thousands of shovel-ready jobs.

When is this country going to get smart and ban building and rebuilding on barrier islands and in floodplains? They should be left natural to protect the mainland from storms. I am tired of bailing out all these areas.

Republicans have a perfect plan for reducing Medicare’s strain on the U.S. budget: Payments for service to hospitals and doctors will be reduced, which will then cause more of them to refuse service to Medicare patients, making a Medicare card useless.

If Americans learned one thing from the murder of our ambassador in Benghazi, it’s this: Don’t bother asking Obama to send help to save your life. He won’t.

Good luck to the people who are on Medicaid. Gov. Sam Brownback’s KanCare program has turned you over to his buddies in the insurance industry. That’s the for-profit (theirs) insurance industry.

With the influence of the Koch brothers, Wink Hartman and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, why do we even need elections? Just let them choose our elected officials. Instead of them spending their money buying our elections, they could then donate it to charities.

Judge Richard Ballinger shouldn’t be worrying about where his challenger’s ad money is coming from. He should worry about defending what he did that got him in a lot of trouble. It was very wrong.

Wink Hartman tried to use his personal wealth to get into Congress, and the voters rejected him. Now he’s admitted to using his money to further the judicial election of Zoe Newton, his corporate attorney. The voters should reject her, too.

How come the Democratic candidates for Kansas Senate and House in my district do not have the word “Democrat” on their mailers? The one who knocked on our door asked my wife “Does it make any difference?” when my wife asked her for her party.

There is hardly any news coverage of the strike at Bombardier Learjet. Are the media trying to downplay this? A lot of people are out of work because of this strike.

The Wichita airport should be an international airport, and an airline should make it a hub. Who is blocking this?

I wish all the bad weather would cancel some of the Chiefs’ or Jayhawks’ football games. Tough seasons.

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