Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 31)

10/31/2012 12:00 AM

10/30/2012 5:43 PM

If you’re voting for Mitt Romney and make less than $250,000 annually, then you’re part of the 47 percent – and you’re voting against your own self-interest.

The mainstream media have hammered Romney for being rich and necessarily out of touch with ordinary Americans. It is insightful that the same media made no mention of this regarding Democrat John Kerry, whose great wealth dwarfs Romney’s.

A recent AP poll found 79 percent of Republicans exhibit explicit racism, versus only 32 percent of Democrats. Maybe Republicans should share a quiet moment of reflection on what is the real source of their hate for Obama.

It’s too bad Obama didn’t make an attempt to be prepared for trouble in Libya, as he claimed to do for a storm. If he had, we wouldn’t have had U.S. soil invaded, four U.S. citizens murdered and millions in damages.

Before the last of the undecided voters make up their minds, there needs to be one more debate: Romney vs. Romney. His currently espoused beliefs could debate their opposite positions on virtually every issue he has held since 2003 – including during the GOP primaries.

Romney will do for the United States what Sam Brownback has done for our state. If you like Brownback’s Kansas, vote for Romney.

I saw President Obama on TV showing his driver’s license just before he voted the other day. Why all the fuss from other people who do not want to show their driver’s license? I have to show my driver’s license at different places all the time. You people need to get over this. Quit fussing and just vote.

If you don’t like or trust using the electronic voting systems, then request a paper ballot. That is your right.

I suspect that anyone who wants to take away our freedom of choice and add more fluoride is a Democrat.

So I am not kind and respectful because I want fluoridation? Well, I think you are un-Christian for denying fluoride to the poor and needy who cannot afford dental care.

There is no need to fluoridate our water supply. It is toxic to our health, and to keep our teeth healthy we simply need to stop eating so much sugar. Wake up, people, and stop your bullying tactics, ADA. I’m tired of your agendas to make us sick.

I laugh every time I hear the commercials saying we should keep our pure water and say “no” to fluoride. Pure water? Do you really think we have pure water?

It’s hard to believe Bob Ross was a mean and tough guy in the Air Force.

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