Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 30)

10/30/2012 12:00 AM

10/29/2012 5:10 PM

If President Obama wins, it will have been the GOP’s fault for not denouncing the fringe elements in our party. How much media attention has been given to the “birther” argument? How about the notion that the president is aligned with jihadi extremists? Does that talk sway independents and moderates? Nope.

If Mitt Romney is elected president, the Republicans will return to their habit of giving tax cuts to the rich that the country can’t afford, turning the financial system over to the crooks, and spending money on construction and defense projects that drive us further into debt.

Everyone was so willing and eager to fault President Obama when the gas prices were so high. So, now that they are down by almost 50 cents a gallon and dropping, where are all the president’s praises? Can anyone say “double standard”?

As the election approaches, the Democrats seem to like their favorite slogan: “Vote early and vote often.”

I hope when the Obamas go back to Chicago, they have to take a bus. They have traveled in style the past four years. They need to know how the rest of America lives with his devastating policies.

Better the devil you know (Obama) than the one you don’t (Romney).

Free enterprise has been given a chance and has failed. Severe controls are now necessary.

I’m so glad to see that the government schools bused kids so they could go vote for guess who. I would guess these are the same kids who cannot make change for a dollar unless a cash register tells them.

Every day I see drivers texting, endangering my life. I carry a gun for protection. Can I shoot them?

Fluoridation is a hoax sponsored by large corporations that don’t want to take ownership of their toxic waste. Anyone who wants to put fluoride on their teeth can do so with the majority of the toothpastes now on the market. There is no need, nor demonstrated value, to force all citizens to medicate themselves with it.

Will fluoride make my car any cleaner when it goes through the car wash, or my clothes any brighter when I do laundry?

Good luck to the people of Wichita in your battle to stop fluoride being put in your water. The rest of the U.S. is watching and praying you are successful. Americans are losing more rights every day.

The opinion pages of this paper prove to me that Wichitans are just as mean and snarky as people anywhere.

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