Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 29)

10/29/2012 12:00 AM

10/26/2012 7:34 PM

I see that U.S. government officials have returned more than 4,000 archaeological artifacts to Mexico. They forgot to return the largest one of all – Texas.

One of President Obama’s re-election ads features Mitt Romney’s trash man. I guess if you have accomplishments, you feature those. If you don’t, you talk trash.

Every time Obama gets a question he doesn’t want to answer, he either doesn’t answer or turns it toward teachers and how he will put thousands to work. His campaign is in serious trouble because he refuses to be honest and forthcoming.

Who is paying the expenses for the use of Air Force One by Obama to campaign all over the country? Is it the DNC? Or is it the taxpayers? Can somebody come up with an honest answer?

Wow – Obama is actually falling back on the old, old Democrat mantra of 30 years ago that women won’t have abortion or contraception under a Republican president. Then explain the presidencies of Reagan, Bush I and Bush II.

If Mitt Romney wanted to vote in Kansas, he would need to have two separate photo IDs – one for each face.

Romney says he is going to cut taxes, increase military spending and balance the budget. Looks like voodoo economics is back.

Ask the people of Massachusetts about Romney’s tenure as governor. They will tell you that he greatly increased the state debt, made the state 47th in job creation, made tremendous increases in fees in lieu of tax increases, and ridiculed the state in speeches while still in office.

Sick of Obama? Don’t like Romney? Send those punks a message and vote for Gary Johnson Nov. 6. You can make your vote count.

I just read in the Economist that “in America the housing subsidy to the richest fifth (through mortgage-interest relief) is four times the amount spent on public housing for the poorest fifth.” This idea of a “moocher class” is bogus.

A letter writer compared apples to oranges when he compared public and private education costs. Public schools have enormous costs for special education, special-needs students and busing. Private schools don’t have these costs and are selective with student applications.

This is absolutely shocking: The governing body of Derby voted during the summer to urge Wichita to fluoridate. Really? No one called me, nor did I even know about this, nor would I ever vote “yes.” I thought that this was America.

Why are dentists in Topeka bragging about having had fluoride in the water for years? Shouldn’t they be out of work by now?

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