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10/28/2012 12:00 AM

10/26/2012 6:54 PM

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Any bonus Kansas Gas Service executives may be eligible for should be based strictly on stock price performance, profit margin and personal performance. Any bonus paid should come from company profits, and not as a straight pass-through from customers.

People used to laugh at me for purchasing U.S. savings bonds. Those bonds are still collecting 4 percent.

My heart was happy when I saw the pictures of the high school students voting for the first time. Kudos to USD 259 for providing students the opportunity to share this experience with their peers. It is something they will always remember.

The Eagle editorial board has wisely endorsed some better-qualified Democrats over their Republican opponents. Let’s stop electing people just because they have that “R” beside their name. If you don’t know either candidate, leave it blank.

How can the editorial board endorse any candidate who supports Gov. Sam Brownback’s destroy-the-state agenda? All Brownback cares about is looking good to the far right in case he tries to run for president again. What a horrible disaster for our country that would be.

I’ve never understood why wealth-envying, Republican-hating liberals don’t just change philosophies and values, then change parties and become rich Republicans, too.

Don’t put too much stock in the raw numbers involving “registered Republicans.” I and many others will not be changing our registered status, but will not be voting a straight ticket. Kansas government has morphed into a monolithic monster of rubber-stamp representation.

I am a 79-year-old woman who has lived in Wichita since 1952. Bone-density tests show that my bones are like a woman in her prime. However, I have lost nine teeth and wear a partial. The fluoride is too late for me, but I’m voting “yes” for the children.

Toothpaste plus toothbrush plus brushing equals no cavities. It’s not rocket science.

Our household has decided not to hand out candy on Halloween, as a deed of far greater community service than voting for water fluoridation would ever hope to fulfill.

Commenting on Intrust Bank Arena, Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks said, “The building is beautiful. There aren’t many non-NBA arenas as nice as this building.” It was a great evening. Kudos to all those responsible for doing such a fine job making this game happen.

Since when do SMG security people at Intrust Bank Arena think they are TSA agents, frisking people and feeling them up like criminals? And they don’t even do it correctly. If they need that much security, they need to get metal detectors or wands.

Next time Intrust Bank Arena has a sold-out event, please have police direct traffic around the arena. The drivers and people were acting ridiculous leaving the venue.

Manners 101: Clipping your fingernails in a restaurant or in church is just plain wrong.

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