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October 27, 2012

Opinion Line (Oct. 27)

I miss Dan Ratherisms around election time, such as: “This race is hotter than a Times Square Rolex.”

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I miss Dan Ratherisms around election time, such as: “This race is hotter than a Times Square Rolex.”

So, how many of you know that Syria and Iran do not connect? Evidently Mitt Romney doesn’t.

Romney really gave his Etch A Sketch a good shake for Monday’s debate.

The media’s current cover-up of President Obama’s lying about the Libyan consulate attack would be like Woodward and Bernstein knowingly failing to report the Watergate scandal.

We all know what Romney’s agenda is about: catering to the rich and famous. That’s what Republicans do. If you want your life to take a financial dip for the next four years, vote for Romney.

If Obama had tried as hard to work with Congress as he did to work around Congress, he might have been more successful and would be re-elected.

When we all end up with government health insurance, we won’t be able to fire the insurance company when it doesn’t work. It’s government, so we know now it won’t work.

This is upside down: Thanks to Gov. Sam Brownback, my old friend of 20 years (a local multimillionaire business owner) has a huge tax break coming, while my low-income food tax refund will disappear. He has no plans to increase hiring, especially of old, disabled people like me.

Law enforcement needs to start ticketing the people who are bypassing their legal exhaust systems. When I drive on Kellogg, it is amazing how many cars and trucks I see avoiding catalytic converters (to improve gas mileage 1 percent) while adding to noise pollution and, more important, air pollution.

It was strange having to turn on my headlights because of a dust storm.

I find it ironic that the Kansas Lottery sells a $1 scratch-off ticket, complete with an American flag and eagle, and with the net profits benefiting Kansas veterans and the Kansas National Guard, yet the tickets are printed in Canada.

What a cute and charming mural on the south side of Nifty Nut House. I drive by every morning and smile. Kudos to the artist; real improvement for the area.

Am I the only one who noticed that all of the little decorative fish on the new Lincoln Street dam are upside down? Way to go, Wichita.

What’s the fuss about? We are all just squatters on this land. You are a nobody with nothing. God is in charge. Be careful you don’t lose what He has blessed you with.

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