Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 26)

10/26/2012 12:00 AM

10/25/2012 5:48 PM

OK, I sent in my ballot. The TV and radio ads can stop now.

Would you be satisfied with an employee who missed one day out of every three, like President Obama did at the debates?

So Tagg Romney wanted to take a swing at Obama. Sounds like the Romney boys are big bullies just like their dad.

Mitt Romney for chameleon in chief.

We saw three debates, and a different, unrecognizable Romney attended each one. The only thing consistent about Romney is his inconsistency and his dishonesty.

We want to change our street name to Obama Street. Why? It’s windy, full of potholes and a dead end.

Obama may believe he is smarter than everybody else. But how can he pretend that when he removes $716 billion from Medicare, it will not hurt seniors? If hospitals get less, certainly patient care will suffer.

This country needs more people like the Kochs and fewer people like Obama.

After the pages of Koch brother ads in The Wichita Eagle, I don’t want to hear any more bellyaching by Republicans about how The Eagle is biased toward the left.

After reading one of the articles about the Kochs, I decided to keep my subscription to The Eagle. They are a wonderful family. In my lifetime of 75 years I have met a lot of people who worked for them, and I have never heard anything derogatory except in Opinion Line.

Please tell me all the candidates that Gov. Sam Brownback supports, so I may vote the opposite.

Why would a city the size of Wichita, with 385,000 people, require only 6,200 people to demand a vote on adding fluoride to our public water system? What a wasted expense. I’m voting “no” and hope you have the good sense to do the same.

We have been told that we have to prove we have health insurance. Maybe if we had to prove we purchase toothpaste and dental floss, we would not have to worry about putting fluoride in our water.

Please vote in favor of fluoridation. I’m tired of having to brush my hamster’s teeth.

The Wichita City Council has such a disproportionate focus on downtown, and yet can’t see the forest for the trees. Walk under the railroad overpass on Douglas, and everything’s covered in bird droppings and dead birds and you are assaulted by live ones.

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