Opinion Line (Oct. 25)

10/25/2012 12:00 AM

10/24/2012 5:53 PM

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If you reside in Kansas and register your boat in Kansas, Kansas is the thief.

I will vote to lower your boat taxes when I am allowed to vote on lowering the personal property tax on my car. Boats are a luxury item. Nobody needs a boat.

After you have the boats back on the tax rolls, how about going after the cars and trucks that people register in other states? Now, there is some real money.

Fingernail polish, breast enhancements and cosmetics are voluntary purchases. Likewise, insurance and taxpayers should not have to subsidize contraception, abortions and sterilizations, which also are voluntary. Furthermore, they are regarded as immoral by many citizens.

Is common sense dead? There’s an absence of consideration toward health care for those who can’t afford it. Yet concern for the oral health of those same people is such that we would force fluoridation on those who don’t want it.

As a local dentist in Wichita, I’m asking you to vote “no” on fluoridation because I don’t want a pay cut due to the reduced cavities.

Our city fathers would feel differently about our outdated transit system if they had to ride it to work for a week. Could someone in authority see if this could happen? Having to wait on a corner for an hour at a time – no fun.

My opinion after three debates: President Obama is argumentative and petty. Mitt Romney is articulate and presidential.

Romney has been running for president for seven years. The only thing we know now for certain about him is that he loves teachers and Big Bird.

Obama just put out a plan for jobs and middle-class security. Really? Why did it take nearly four years for him to come up with this?

If Romney becomes president, he may be able to create 12 million jobs – only you will have to go to China to get them.

We have all now learned that “hope and change” is not a strategy, and neither is blaming others or trying to destroy the opponent’s reputation.

I find it offensive that Romney defaced his American flag pin with bling.

The best thing about the debates is that they happen only every four years.

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