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October 24, 2012

Opinion Line (Oct. 24)

Maybe fluoridated water will help the WaterWalk fountain function properly.

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Maybe fluoridated water will help the WaterWalk fountain function properly.

The opposition to the addition of fluoride to our water is absurd. Some of the opponents are probably adding nicotine to their bodies daily. The cost of fluoridation is minimal compared with dental bills.

Saying that fluoride is safe and effective is about the same as an obese person being told that “one size fits all.” Many people can’t tolerate fluoride.

Class warfare is all President Obama has left.

In the third debate, Mitt Romney took the high road, several times praising Obama for what he has done. The president took the low road, attacking Romney, mocking him and playing for the laughs of his own constituency. Romney showed the bearing of a statesman; Obama did not.

Shorter version of Romney during the foreign-policy debate: The world is in chaos, and I agree with everything President Obama has done.

I received a postcard from the Kansas Republican Party that was absolutely disgraceful in its dishonesty. It employed distortions, half-truths and outright lies. Please research the issues and talk to the candidates yourself. Don’t rely on these outrageous mailings to help you decide whom to vote for.

Third-party candidates are worse than spoilers. Unable to build consensus in either party, a statistically impossible third-party president would fail in everything.

After reading the article on natural-gas rates (Oct. 23 Eagle), I have decided that the company executives’ superior ability appears to be getting the Kansas Corporation Commission to raise rates for their bonuses. They seem not to worry about their customers.

Please do not inundate me with repeated requests for Halloween candy for poor children. I also dread the holiday season, when every loser in this city will line up for free food and gifts. I give regularly to charities, but not to those who refuse to help themselves.

The wussification of American men is complete, with NFL players running around in pink garments. Arguably the manliest of men are wearing pink in politically correct deference to women.

Instead of making a cutesy video (“Dog Doogity”), the two Wichita groups could have better spent their money supplying “poop-bag” stations in the parks and other areas where animal waste is a large problem.

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