Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 22)

10/22/2012 12:00 AM

10/19/2012 6:53 PM

The next time you see a concealed-carry person in public, not concealing his gun, ask him if he belongs to the Barney Fife One Bullet in the Pocket Club. You’ll enjoy the paranoid reaction.

Why do Wichita taxpayers have to pay for the nearly two-week international vacation the mayor and his friends take every year?

It amazes me that people continue to blindly follow the two-party system. The big two are both corrupt. Be a spoiler. Vote for a small party.

Sarah Palin named one of her sons Trig, and then her daughter Bristol named her son Tripp. Mitt Romney has a son named Tagg. That Republican drinking water must have something in it, and it ain’t fluoride.

Economists claim that it is the consumer spending that stimulates the economy. Romney and his party have shown that one of their top priorities is to keep the wages of working people (consumers) low. That will result in less spending.

The arrogant bully who thought it was funny to hold down a kid and cut his hair showed up at the second debate. The way he tried to bully both the president and the moderator, wanting to change the rules, really showed his lack of character. He just doesn’t get it.

If you consider yourself a devout Catholic, how do you square voting for Democrats when their No. 1 policy position is abortion? And it’s only a matter of time before free abortions for all is part of Obamacare.

The Obama administration has given General Motors $80 billion, despite evidence that interfering with the free market is fool’s gold. GM management should have been encouraged to renegotiate its costly labor contracts. That was vetoed by the president, who is beholden to powerful union bosses.

Hey, MSNBC host Chris Matthews: Has that 2008 Obama tingle in your leg turned into a massive leg cramp yet?

If you allow your employer to intimidate you and tell you how to vote, you have sold your soul to the company that cares more about its corporate future than your own. Employees help build those companies with their skills, but their souls and their votes should not be for sale.

Stepping in it is a hazard that folks around here have had to deal with all their lives. Not stepping in it is a valuable life skill I want my children and grandchildren to acquire. I say, leave the dog poop where it falls and citizens beware.

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