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10/22/2012 12:00 AM

10/19/2012 5:41 PM

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If your children aren’t truthful with you about whether they have homework in the evening, you have an honesty issue in your home, not a teacher problem.

My salaried husband at Bombardier Learjet works to support his overtime-paid union people. We pay a higher premium on our health plan than they do. They are paid well, treated well, are safe and appreciated. The union leaders are not doing their members a favor pushing this strike.

I’m going to write in Jean Schodorf for Kansas Senate. She doesn’t lie or stretch the truth.

I remember when gasoline sold for 20 cents a gallon. I haven’t decided which president to blame for the increase.

The Koch brothers and others like them are trying to buy the U.S. presidency and Congress by giving millions to elect Republicans so they will pass laws to benefit the wealthy. Vote Nov. 6 to prevent the takeover of 100 percent of our government by 1 percent of the people.

Dan Glickman thinks the loss of his congressional seat was because of the Kochs and a BTU tax? Nope – he defeated himself. He wrote 105 hot checks in the House banking scandal. No excuses. That’s what I thought about when I pulled the lever.

I would remind Republicans that the middle class, creating a demand for products to purchase, is the real driving force for jobs. Tax cuts for the wealthy only make the rich richer. I guess the GOP has forgotten the 1990s, when taxes were higher and the economy was booming.

President Obama proposed, at various times during the debate, “tax credits” and “tax incentives.” He then told us he would close “tax loopholes.” He surely understands that this is double-talk, and is hoping the voters don’t notice.

Are Republicans proud of their party’s disenfranchising efforts? Voter ID is one thing, but eliminating long-standing early voting traditions and using voter-ID scare tactics carry with them the stench of a hollow carcass of a party that believes cheating to be its only chance of winning.

I decided to chase two loose dogs off Rock Road in rush-hour traffic. Everyone who drove by assumed I was a bad pet owner, but I was just trying to be a good person. It’s upsetting that nobody else cared to help.

A message to all you smokers: Please dispose of your butts properly. My world is not your ashtray.

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