Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 19)

10/19/2012 12:00 AM

10/18/2012 5:23 PM

If Mitt Romney’s many years of experience as a successful businessman make him more qualified to get us out of our economic crisis, it should also be true that his lack of experience outside his realm of elitism and aristocracy makes him less qualified to understand and relate to the needs of those who weren’t born into privilege.

The more I see Romney on TV, the more I think he’s a vain, conceited, egotistical, arrogant man who will try to bulldoze his way over anyone and everyone. He hates being contradicted, absolutely loathes being told he is wrong, and always has to get in the last word.

Tagg Romney (yes, that’s his name) takes issue with the president calling his dad a liar? Maybe his dad should stop telling so many lies.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has finally admitted President Obama’s account of the Benghazi attacks was utterly contrary to the now-documented facts. She and the president are blaming it on the intelligence community, but it smells very much like a political cover-up.

After destroying the economy over the last four years, Obama should have stepped down and let Mickey Mouse run on the Democrat ticket this year. Joe Biden would still be the vice president on the ticket, as he’s not quite as smart as Mickey.

With the polls sinking quickly since, it appears the Obama campaign’s Big Bird commercial may have been his “jump the shark” moment of no return.

Obama’s medicine will become the poison, as he planned.

I love Rush Limbaugh. I know he got Bill Clinton elected over George H.W. Bush, and he will get Obama elected over Romney. Thanks, Rush.

Is a little black book the starting point for binders full of women?

How disheartening it is to read the resumes of some of the state candidates The Eagle has featured. Many of them seem to be woefully short on background, but that’s apparently what voters select when they follow the party line.

Someone complained about not seeing any deer or antelope in North Dakota because of oil drilling. My question is: When was the last time either of them provided fuel for your car?

Someone said that downtown won’t work if it caters only to rich white people. I agree, so downtown should cater to poor white people, too.

Nike severed ties with Lance Armstrong. I have bought my last Nike products.

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