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10/14/2012 12:00 AM

10/12/2012 6:20 PM

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According to Joe Biden, our intelligence agencies are so bad that we didn’t know that the Benghazi attack was terrorism but so good that we’ll know exactly when Iran produces a nuclear bomb. Yeah, they’ll probably hear it go off in Washington.

Why did Biden laugh when Ryan talked about the ambassador being killed? Why did Biden laugh when Ryan talked about the number of people out of work? And why did Biden laugh when Ryan talked about Iran making an atomic weapon?

Jeff Dunham did a pretty good job operating Biden during the debate.

Republicans couldn’t find a way to show any respect the past four years, but they sure are good at demanding it.

Romney and Ryan can say what they would do in the international realm, but not even a sitting president can specifically say what he will do until a situation arises. Romney sounds tough, but he only knows how to hide his money overseas or send a horse abroad to an Olympic event.

Our ambassador died, the Obama administration lied, and the bungled cover-up will see his re-election effort fried.

In a classic Republican move, they cut the budget to defend our embassies, then hold hearings condemning the president for an attack on one of them. Be proud, Kansas. Be proud.

The Taliban is afraid of girls.

Knowing Mayor Carl Brewer’s history, hang on. His trip to China is a setup to giving more of our tax dollars away.

Brewer had to take 18 people to China to communicate our message? This reminds me of some old jokes when I was growing up, such as “How many politicians does it take to change a lightbulb?”

The build-it-and-they-will-come idea of a new airport terminal is not going to work, because I can still drive to Kansas City, Mo., with $3.75-per-gallon gas and fly out of there cheaper.

There is a serious problem when the Division of Motor Vehicles is so messed up that a person has to take more than half a day just to renew a driver’s license. That’s a very big number of taxpayers losing income and productivity while they wait.

“‘Yes’ on boat amendment” was an excellent editorial (Oct. 10 Opinion). The Kansas personal property tax on watercraft is one of the highest in the nation. Lowering this tax is a no-brainer and long overdue. Many people and businesses related to the marine world should benefit.

The Kansas Supreme Court was right in rejecting the challenge to the cap on noneconomic damages. Courts have no business striking legitimate laws. We need to petition our representatives to raise the cap if it is too low.

It’s time that professional women athletes started to wear blue on their uniforms to show support for the fight against prostate cancer.

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