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10/13/2012 12:00 AM

10/12/2012 5:52 PM

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I propose all guns and ammunition be heavily taxed, and the money be used to help shooting victims. The reduction of firearms would be a positive additional benefit.

It’s disappointing how little Eagle readers seem to know about the union and its purpose. Guess you shouldn’t have slept through eighth-grade social studies.

I work for the state of Kansas, and we did not have Columbus Day off. I was at my desk, hard at work for the people.

In case people do not know, the government workers pay into their retirement themselves. It isn’t a given. And if people want their benefits, all they have to do is go to work for the government.

So Wichita is debating fluoride – the same fluoride the rest of America has been putting in its drinking water for decades. Maybe once that’s settled, you can argue over whether or not the Earth is flat. Welcome to Wichita. Please set your watches back 50 years.

While I am in favor of fluoridation and originally was going to vote “yes,” I have changed my mind and it boils down to money. The price of everything I must buy keeps going up. I and others like me just can’t afford it anymore.

Looking for laughs? Listen to a politician. For more laughs, listen to two politicians.

It seems to me that if an incumbent president isn’t better than 50 percent in the polls, that is the definition of an inadequate president.

Mitt Romney keeps referring to the Chinese debt as a reason to cut all the entitlement programs. In reality, it is because of Romney and his job creators’ mafia, with their outsourcing addiction, that we have a deficit.

I do understand Romney and his politics. If anything good happens, it is because Obama is on the way out. If anything bad happens, it is because Obama is in the White House.

God bless the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3115 Riders. They have helped ease a burden for Kimbra Moore’s mother. We can all learn from them.

Thank you to the gentleman who paid for our lunch at Jimmy’s Egg as a random act of kindness.

To the woman who approached me at the west Jason’s Deli on Sunday: You will never know how much those words, “You are a beautiful woman,” meant to me. Your timing was impeccable. You are also a beautiful woman.

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