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October 12, 2012

Opinion Line (Oct. 12)

I like that bank’s new slogan, “Bravely Onward.” But in Kansas, the slogan should be “Barely Onward.”

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I like that bank’s new slogan, “Bravely Onward.” But in Kansas, the slogan should be “Barely Onward.”

Does the city want an image of the homeless using our beautiful parks and river as campgrounds and squatting next to trees as bathrooms? It’s out of control in Riverside. A beautiful part of Wichita is going down the toilet.

In regard to the problems in Old Town: I learned a long time ago that one of the greatest gifts that Providence can bestow on you is knowing when to leave the bar.

The Wichita Police Department is doing a great job. If an officer tells you to put down your weapon, then do it. With my father a retired officer and my husband an officer, I am so tired of people complaining about cops. Put yourself in their shoes for once.

Will someone tell us how much it will cost us per household per month to have fluoride added to our water? A lot of people are for it, but no one has talked about the cost. Surely the city government isn’t going to absorb the cost.

Is this evolution, or what? A Republican is blaming technology for grammatical and spelling errors, rather than putting the blame on teachers (“Candidate’s Facebook post on racial politics raises eyebrows,” Oct. 10 Eagle).

Advice to Kansas House candidate Tim Garvey: Beware of a half-truth. You may have gotten the wrong half.

Hooray for priests with the intestinal fortitude to speak against the unjust HHS mandate. Obedience to the mandate requires citizens to cooperate in practices the Catholic Church teaches are intrinsically evil.

Many young people have little clue about excessive government spending and our soaring national debt, yet they are the ones who will be most hurt by President Obama’s rampant irresponsibility.

People died and Obama lied about the attack on our Libyan consulate. The ongoing cover-up is bigger and more serious than Watergate.

Help! Which Mitt Romney will the election commissioner put on the ballot in Sedgwick County?

Keeping track of Romney’s positions on issues is like following a bouncing ball. He is all over the place.

To the gentleman in front of me in the drive-through line at the downtown McDonald’s on Wednesday: Thank you for buying my lunch. I was having a bad day at work, and you turned my day around.

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