Opinion Line (Oct. 11)

10/11/2012 12:00 AM

10/10/2012 5:38 PM

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It seems as if President Obama cares more for Elmo and Big Bird than he does about the crisis in Libya, the Mideast and the economy. Go figure.

So $4 billion in U.S. tax dollars go to oil subsidies annually and only $445 million annually for public broadcasting. Yep, that subversive PBS is bringing this country to its knees financially.

So everyone in the election is going to decide how much of my paycheck will go to Big Bird? Give me a break. I can’t afford to fill my car with gas, buy groceries or pay my utilities. Will Big Bird help me do those things?

With the current change and enlightenment of the public in the recent presidential polls, I think it’s time for the GAO to do a complete inventory of the White House china and silverware.

The liberals want to take away my guns, the conservatives want to do away with casinos, and now the Mormons want to take away my liquor. How is Bubba supposed to vote?

The truth has come out on Gov. Sam Brownback’s education task force. Its members want to privatize school employees – more tax dollars going straight to their business friends so they can make a profit off of kids.

Could we please have a moratorium on all of the partisan sniping? After all, this is Kansas, and unless your name is David Koch your opinion does not matter – and neither does mine.

I thought Kansas was a right-to-work state. How does the union get by with stopping traffic so people are late for work? I’m pretty sure if regular citizens tried these childish antics, they would be arrested.

I just wanted to thank the vandals who sliced my new inflatable pumpkin, which is now in the trash. Thanks for ruining my Halloween. Just remember that what goes around comes around.

If you are having a garage sale or estate sale, be on the safe side: Keep your cellphones and your money on you, instead of having it out in the open for the thieves who steal from garage sales. And have someone else out there with you.

Football announcers who say “That’s the best play I have seen all year” make me wonder where they have been all year.

If you’re not bright enough to figure out how to back into a parking spot on the first try, don’t.

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