Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 10)

10/10/2012 12:00 AM

10/09/2012 9:21 PM

How about a win-win for everyone? Contact a fluoride company and have it package single household doses. Those who want it can buy all they want. Those who know they do not want government intervention don’t buy it.

So the head anti-fluoride nut is coming to Wichita to sell his fake science to the Kansas yokels. More than 70 percent of New York state’s water is fluoridated. I think he could stay busy enough there.

Regarding “Smile: a gap-toothed grin is in” (Oct. 1 WichiTalk): Are you serious? Sorry, but ugly is ugly, and a gap in the front teeth is ugly.

When I go in to any establishment in Wichita, I would like to be treated with respect. What is wrong with the generation taking over today? I guess that “hello” or “thank you” are no longer in their vocabulary. No wonder my children attend Wichita Collegiate School.

Thank you, Machinists union. Because of your great leaders and members’ support, I have the great job I have today. If you had not run Boeing out of town, there would be no Spirit AeroSystems. Keep up the good work.

Do these people striking at Bombardier Learjet have a clue as to how much money they are losing standing in a picket line – money that they will never get back? At least they have jobs and know many would take their jobs in a heartbeat.

Mitt Romney wants to eliminate unions because he represents corporate America, not we the people.

I wonder if Romney realizes that some of those included in his 47 percent are members of Congress and statehouses.

Just because you overestimated President Obama’s political skills, please don’t make the rest of us suffer another four more years.

How tragic that when you hear someone mention “the Whopper” you aren’t sure if he is referring to the well-known burger franchise or another tall tale from this White House.

It’s sad to see how Obama, his administration and the liberal media, over the past weeks and months, have brought the integrity and dignity of the office of president down to such a new low that it is not respected either here or overseas.

Why the fuss over same-sex marriage? I just have a few questions to those opposed to same-sex marriage: Please tell me how it affects your life. What happened to the land of the free?

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