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October 9, 2012

Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 9)

Al Gore should have begun working on a cure for altitude sickness right after he finished inventing the Internet.

Al Gore should have begun working on a cure for altitude sickness right after he finished inventing the Internet.

Mitt Romney needs to buy and wear a pair of flip-flops.

Every time I hear Romney speak, his leering smile belies the steady drumbeat he keeps up about going to war over Israel or Iran. The U.S. cannot afford another war without end. Stop the madness.

All Romney talks about is how bad Obama is as our president. Most of the world loves and trusts Obama. I am sick of this. Romney will probably win and then change again as soon as he is president. He is one hawkish guy and all over the place.

In 2008, Obama’s political message was hope and change. In 2012, the reality is disappointment and despair.

OK, we get it – Richard Crowson doesn’t care for Gov. Sam Brownback.

Why do the union bosses support Barack Obama when he has done everything in his power to destroy business aviation?

In health care, we have gone several years without a raise. During the same period, a percent of the increase in our health care package was passed on to us. Bombardier Learjet workers need to face reality, get back to work and be thankful they have jobs with this economy.

Welcome to the real world of health care costs, aircraft workers.

If we make abortion against the law, that is socialism.

In Bricktown in Oklahoma City, my friend and I (we are both females) walked to our hotel several times after midnight. At no time were we afraid for our safety.

Thank you, Pamela Horton, Playboy’s Miss October 2012. Now the rest of the country knows that Kansas has more to offer than Kris Kobach and Fred Phelps.

How about law enforcement holding some “no lights on” ticketing events? Where are patrol cars when people are driving without headlights at dawn, dusk, in the rain and sometimes even when it is pitch dark? Why can’t the police enforce laws besides DUI and speeding?

I saw a lady flying down Kellogg going a whole whopping 50 mph, sucking on a cancer stick. Stupid is as stupid does, I guess.

In your hair, in your clothes, on your body, in your body, in every drinking fountain, in every restaurant, on your lawn, down the drain – there will be no escape from fluoride if it is voted in. Do you really want your freedom of choice taken away?

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