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10/09/2012 12:00 AM

10/08/2012 6:22 PM

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In these lean economic times, the Machinists union and Bombardier Learjet face tough choices. Be careful or Wichita may lose another major employer.

Some unions have the right to strike, which make other unions look bad. Not all unions are the same. Take a look at your paycheck, and cut it by a third. That is your pay without unions. We are all in search of the same dream.

You poor Learjet union workers. You may have to pay a little more toward your health insurance. Welcome to the real world. Why don’t you try paying my insurance bill, which I have to pay for all on my own?

Union aircraft workers have a real problem in voting for president. Obama wants to eliminate tax breaks for corporate jets. Romney wants to eliminate unions.

If large corporations receive tax exemptions for the purchase of jet aircraft, then small-business owners should receive the same for the purchase of their company vehicles.

Regarding the people who went ballistic over the president’s remark about corporate jets: Aren’t they the same ones who advocate making it on your own instead of depending on help from the government?

Isn’t it magical that after almost four years, the unemployment goes below 8 percent just 30 days before the election? All I can say is: Just drink the Kool-Aid.

I feel sorry for the folks who root for both KU football and Obama.

First there was “Obamacare.” Now there is Gov. Sam Brownback’s “Kan’tCareLess.”

How come all the Democrats are blaming our governor for having it his way, when he has a majority to help push his agenda, yet when Obama does it it’s OK? If you don’t like what’s happening, run for office.

The state’s so-called utility regulatory agency really should be renamed the Kansas Pro-Corporation Commission.

Please do a recall election on Secretary of State Kris Kobach. We would love another chance to vote for him.

The Wichita Symphony pops concert was absolutely terrific – great orchestra, guest conductor, Butler Community College Concert Choir and guest entertainers. Unfortunately, the many empty seats were an embarrassment to our community.

Who says there’s nothing to do in Wichita? Friday’s GO! section listed at least 16 special events for Saturday – and that didn’t include sports, movies and live theater or sales events. If you’re bored, it’s your own fault.

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