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10/08/2012 12:00 AM

10/05/2012 5:21 PM

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Unemployment is not coming down as fast as we’d like. The biggest contributors to unemployment now are government layoffs. That is one effect of smaller government that the right never talks about – real people losing their jobs.

They said the economy would tank when gas hit 4 bucks a gallon. It didn’t. We adjusted to that reality because we had to, and we’ll adjust to the fiscal cliff as well. We need to get serious about paying our bills. Since our lawmakers won’t do it, this certainly will.

I just returned from a bicycling vacation in the Julian Alps in the beautiful country of Slovenia. I flew via Wichita, Atlanta, Paris and Ljubljana, and returned home on the same routing. Seven days on a bicycle seat is more comfortable than seven hours on an airline seat.

Judges: How come deadbeat dads have more rights than their children? Stop making little deals with them. Their children need your support, since their so-called fathers haven’t got the idea yet they are responsible for paying half so their kids can have a life and future.

Senior citizens remember when entertainment was in the family home with invited guests. Today people go to nightlife places of business open until 2 a.m. and do crazy things they never would think of in the presence of parents, grandparents and toddlers.

As we celebrate Columbus Day, just remember the day and not the man. He was nothing more than a liar, cheat and murderer, and he stumbled on the Bahamas thinking he had made it to Asia. We didn’t learn these things in school.

Would the media response to the obese anchorwoman in Wisconsin have been as positive if she had been defending her choice to smoke? Objective criticism of unhealthy lifestyle decisions cannot realistically be characterized as bullying.

We can stop gun violence and eliminate bullying, by outlawing movies that promote gun ownership and glorify bullying – such as “A Christmas Story.”

Video gamers are asking for the female characters to be more heavily endowed. That makes sense. It will be as close as many of them will ever get to seeing real ones.

Thank you for bringing us Leonard Pitts’ column. We may not always agree with him, but he is right on the mark most of the time. His wry and dry humor brings home his points with wit and intelligence.

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