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10/07/2012 12:00 AM

10/05/2012 5:15 PM

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Why don’t we move an infantry brigade to the Mexican-U.S. border and arm them with the same weapons used in Afghanistan? When fired upon, they can engage the “enemy” with full strength.

Rep. Mike Pompeo wants to cut food stamps. It’s an overloaded program because he votes against jobs bills and won’t help people get back to work. It’s out of control because he protects profits for his fat-cat friends and turns his back on the poor.

The hallmark of progressive civilized society is the availability of affordable health care for all its citizens, from diaper rash to erectile dysfunction to, finally, cremation.

As soon as the government is supporting enough of the citizens, democracy as we know it has ended. To vote, you should actually have some sacrifice in the game. Two choices: End the entitlements or give up true freedom.

The difference between liberalism and conservatism was on full display in the first presidential debate.

Conservative columnist David Brooks had it right last year when he called Romney “inauthentic,” which is a nice journalistic word for phony. The debate was just another instance where Romney said what he thought would do him the most good with his listeners, without regard to truth.

It sent shivers up my spine every time Romney endorsed state control over federal government. Do Gov. Sam Brownback’s policies show he knows what’s best for Kansas? Have his slash-and-burn policies created jobs, enriched education, strengthened the economy, supported the middle class or protected the poor? No way.

Romney’s defeat of Obama in the political debate was the perfect example of an old adage. Romney was trying to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

Everyone was asking what President Obama was doing looking down while Mitt Romney was tearing him up at the debate. The way it was going, I think he was filling out a job application.

I could read Obama’s face at the debate. He was saying to himself, “I wish I were with Beyonce and Jay-Z. They would be loving me.”

We little guys live on faith and uncertainty, while the big guys have a fixed game set up so they can’t lose.

Kansas Gas Service is requesting a 10.7 percent guaranteed profit level from its ratepayers. Are you kidding me? It must think this is a socialist society.

Kids today need to suck it up. I was bullied all the time growing up, and I’m fine. So are my alternate personalities, Floyd and Greta.

Thank you for publishing “Hyperbole is losing its effect” (Oct. 2 Letters to the Editor). It was, without doubt, the finest letter to the editor in the history of American journalism!

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