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10/06/2012 12:00 AM

10/05/2012 4:54 PM

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What a boon for businesses – “revenue normalization adjustment,” or guaranteed profit. If it’s good enough for Kansas Gas Service, why not for Walmart, Dillons, McDonald’s and on and on? Is that what Republicans call “free” enterprise? Where’s the “revenue normalization adjustment” for the everyday citizen?

When will the members of these unions realize their jobs aren’t protected by unions? Rather, unions are costing people their jobs.

How about if I let you decide what’s best for your teeth and you let me decide what’s best for mine and what chemicals I want to drink? Fluoride? You go for it, if you want. It’s easily available. Me? No thanks.

I talked to a guy at the arena I thought was wearing a KU football shirt. Turns out it was just a shirt supporting “Angry Birds.”

I wish to thank the person who found my phone at Dillons on Harry and Broadway around 9:45 p.m. Sept. 29. Your kindness and honesty are very much appreciated.

Half-mast flags signify mourning. Upside-down flags signify distress and the need for help. If President Obama is re-elected, flags probably should be flown at half-mast and upside down all day every day.

America is sitting on a time bomb due to explode Nov. 6. More than 50 percent of its voters are not smart enough to realize it. However, all of us, including children, will suffer.

The hate-filled political atmosphere of this presidential election, and the one in 2004, make me yearn for a one-term presidency.

After Mitt Romney said during the debate that he wouldn’t cut education and touted his universal health care program, I realized we have not one but two liberals running for president. I wonder how the conservatives feel about Romney pretending to be one thing when he’s just conning them for their votes.

Gov. Sam Brownback has managed to thoroughly mess up the Medicaid system, and it is only going to get worse. Romney wants the states to do Medicaid because they supposedly will do it better. Vote for someone who wants to help the people of this country.

So Brownback and his special committee in Topeka know more about school budgets and how to save money than the locally elected school boards do? Wake up, Kansas. Brownback is out of control.

The camel is loaded with about all the straw it can hold. Who is going to place that last straw?

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