Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 5)

10/05/2012 12:00 AM

10/04/2012 1:48 PM

Mitt Romney cleaned President Obama’s plow in the debate. Obama seemed lost without his teleprompter. Obama isn’t used to being asked the hard, important questions, because the liberal media have always protected him and he hasn’t had to explain anything he has or hasn’t done.

That conniving, condescending and chameleonic conduct of Romney during the first debate fooled none of the 47 percenters. He is the reason for the annihilation and the extermination of the American middle class.

Obama must have been thinking about his anniversary more than about the debate Wednesday night.

In the debate, Romney told us his sons were chronic liars. I wonder where they learned that.

Romney lost the first debate since most of his “facts” have already been proved false. Typical.

Watched the debate. Our president was so shaky. You see, demagoguery and emotion are his game, not truth and knowledge. This is the way of the community organizer – that is, to rely on emotion rather than truth, common sense and a firm grasp of economic reality.

There is a reason that more people watch Fox News than all of the other cable news channels combined. It is the only news channel that is not in Obama’s pocket.

Our president is highly intelligent and articulate. Anyone who says that he needs a teleprompter whenever he speaks needs a reality check.

When the day comes that there is no longer a United States of America, I can already see in the Opinion Line all the Republicans blaming the Democrats and all the Democrats blaming the Republicans.

Actually, the rich do care about the poor and middle class. The rich provide the majority of jobs in America. They also give the most to charity, which benefits all of us, but particularly the poor and middle class.

If you enjoy a yard full of stickers, like many people do, please sweep the street and sidewalk after you mow so my little dog can walk without stopping every 15 feet to have them removed from her paws. Thank you.

Most of us believe reusable grocery bags are good for the environment, but are they really good for you? Since the bags are rarely washed, they contain a load of germs. Be sure to wash your cloth bags in the washing machine periodically and scrub the reusable plastic bags.

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