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10/04/2012 12:00 AM

10/03/2012 5:46 PM

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This anti-bullying stuff is out of control. These kids today grow up and can’t even deal with life or keep a job, because everybody is bullying them.

I guess the American population is so stupid that every talk-show host and sports announcer, and anybody saying anything that’s even hinting at a metaphor, has to follow it with the phrase “if you will.”

You can tell which people shouldn’t own property. They are the ones too lazy or unable to mow to the curb, trim the grass and weeds growing over the curbing, or make any attempt to clean the debris out of the curb or their yard.

Will those of you who don’t believe that the planet is warming please explain to me why I saw an armadillo walking across West Street at 7:15 on Sunday morning? Armadillos used to be found only in south Texas; now I see them as roadkill a lot.

What business would move to Kansas knowing that the state is about to begin a self-inflicted slide into bankruptcy? And what small startup business would begin doing business in Kansas, knowing that it won’t ever be able to deduct its initial tax losses?

Rep. Mike Pompeo rips tax credits for utilities that install wind-harvesting equipment while supporting the intangible drilling cost and percentage depletion allowance deductions for oil and gas. Of course, the fact that he is No. 4 in the House in oil and gas campaign contributions can’t have blurred his vision on this issue.

The mayor had plenty of time to discuss the chili cookoff but gave no time to answer important questions and concerns from the public at Tuesday’s Wichita City Council meeting.

Please don’t mail in your vote until you hear the fluoride debate to learn the hard truth about the deception that is being perpetrated by proponents who say that fluoride in your water protects your teeth. Proof is coming.

I’ve just received and returned to the Sedgwick County Election Office my request for an early voting by mail ballot. I wrote my driver’s license number on it and signed it. When I voted in person, I had to show my license and answer a bunch of questions – from somebody I knew personally. How does this ballot satisfy those requirements?

Skew the polls all you want, you foolish lapdogs in the media. My goodness, this is going to be sweet.

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