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10/03/2012 12:00 AM

10/02/2012 5:33 PM

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I didn’t vote for the new 900-pound chandelier hanging in the state Capitol rotunda. How much did it cost to purchase and install? Have our brilliant legislators planned for its maintenance? I can think of several other places more appropriate to stick it.

Sedgwick County Treasurer Linda Kizzire is sure loosey-goosey on her use of the county credit card. Frequent out-of-state travel, conferences galore, fine-dining steakhouses, luxury chocolates and delectable nuts are all commonplace for her. Living high on the hog at the taxpayers’ expense.

I don’t know what’s scarier – Kizzire charging the most of any county elected official, with $13,300, and trying to talk her way out of it, or District Attorney Nola Foulston coming in second at $9,400 and not worried about explaining a dime of it.

Since all these guys do is lie about each other and make promises they will never keep, why bother to watch the debates? It’s an insult to each of us as well as a total waste of time. It’s a shame that America can’t find better people to do this job.

Mitt Romney does not really believe that 47 percent of the population are slackers and a burden to the country. His failure, however, to voice the truth to the malicious, hostile and deceitful rhetoric of the far right demonstrates how he lacks the leadership qualities necessary to be president.

President Obama has said he realizes that he is the president of all the people, not just the Democrats. Yet he mocks, ridicules and demeans those who disagree with him. He is a demagogue. He looks at Republicans with derisive contempt. Black, brown or white, we all are diminished by hate.

It’s too bad that Obama’s presidential duties interfere with his campaigning. Shameful.

White men between the ages of 30 and 65 are the new minority.

Thanks to the Wichita Wagonmasters for one of the coolest events in Wichita. The Downtown Chili Cookoff truly is a gem. It’s more than chili. It is fun.

If you did not get out to the air show, you really missed a treat. It was the best-organized and most family-friendly free event around. Do not complain that we have nothing to do in Wichita. God even gave us some great weather for the weekend.

When did people stop knowing that you shouldn’t begin a pass when you are coming to an intersection?

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