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10/02/2012 12:00 AM

10/01/2012 5:46 PM

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Goldman Sachs (co-owner of Hawker Beechcraft) is Mitt Romney’s largest political contributor. So if you are happy with Hawker’s high debt load, layoffs, bankruptcy and government takeover of underfunded pension plans (the Bain Capital model), then Romney’s your guy.

How will President Obama be able to speak intelligently for two hours of debate without his teleprompter?

Desperate to protect the president’s bid for re-election, much of the media are covering up the cover-up of the Libya consulate attack that killed four Americans. No one died as a result of Watergate, yet the cover-up brought down Richard Nixon. It’s time someone started exposing the truth.

It is easy for some people to be hoodwinked by the intellectual chicanery of radical left-wingers, who routinely skirt the truth. Prime examples: the turmoil in Muslim countries and the gun-running to Mexico. The president’s job is to protect us, not pander to our destroyers.

If re-elected, Obama faces a worse situation than when he took office. If he hasn’t even half-fixed things over the past three years, with a Democratic Senate and House for two years, isn’t he again fooling Americans that he can do it with another try?

It looks like Kris Kobach was right about voter-registration fraud after all. But did he expect to find it in his own Republican Party?

It was nice to see that Gov. Sam Brownback gathered all the lobbyists to direct where he wants their money to go. Kansas conservative government – the best that money can buy.

You know you have reached a Highway Patrol saturation point when you are pulled over at 3 a.m. in Yoder for a minor traffic violation. Maybe Govs. Scott Walker and John Kasich have a valid point about the unions.

I would love to see how Rep. Mike Pompeo would do if he participated in an experiment of living totally on food stamps for 30 days. But I don’t see him volunteering for anything like that.

“No other major country’s military forces face the challenges of weight gain confronting America’s armed forces,” reports retired Lt. Gen. Norman Seip. And then Rep. Tim Huelskamp introduces the No Hungry Kids Act, which would repeal the new school-meal nutrition standards. Another national embarrassment for Kansas.

Tabor College, a small school, has a football team. WSU, a state university, doesn’t. This doesn’t make sense. Bring back WSU football.

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