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10/01/2012 12:00 AM

09/28/2012 6:37 PM

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Liberals are critical of the gridlock in Washington. They act as though passing more laws is a measure of success, rather than passing good laws. Americans do not need more rules and regulations, but would benefit from lower taxes and more individual freedoms.

The Catholic bishops need to give up on their anti-Obama religious freedom crusade. It’s not working. A new Pew poll indicates that the Catholic vote has swung decisively toward the president.

The biggest problem facing America is sissiness. Freedom is hard, so people want to give it up.

I was going to buy a car, but now I guess I’ll need to wait to see how high my property taxes go up due to Gov. Sam Brownback’s brilliant plan to eliminate corporate income taxes. Thanks a bunch.

Anyone who wouldn’t take the time and go to the trouble to vote in the primary should not be allowed to vote in the general election.

In a society where celebrity mothers are celebrated as they pose on magazine covers with out-of-wedlock offspring, it’s no wonder young girls feel no shame in behaving the same way. Of course, most single mothers don’t have celebrity wealth, which leaves the taxpayer holding the bag.

If there is a Razzie Award for worst singing in a commercial, Eddie Money has it wrapped up. I wanted two tickets to paradise to get away from the TV. Book your hotel, Eddie.

Please be respectful to store cashiers. Hang up your cellphone. Don’t hand us your charge card after holding it in your mouth. Please don’t lick your fingers to separate your dollars when taking them out of your wallet. We work hard, and this is just a friendly reminder.

Any parent who takes young children to horror movies is a child abuser. Children can’t see the difference between reality and what they see on the screen. It happens a lot and makes me sick.

Texting while driving is illegal. Yeah, right. I can’t believe the number of people I see doing this while I’m riding my bike (or in the car). Yep, I’m watching out for you. I only hope I see you in my rearview mirror before you take me out.

Thank you to all our area girls’ softball coaches, organizers, umpires, parents and players for another great season. This grandma enjoys it so much.

If Curiosity finds uranium, gold and other precious metals on Mars, you can be assured of an international frenzy to exploit the planet.

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