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09/28/2012 12:00 AM

09/27/2012 6:32 PM

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Our 21st-century version of a new buggy-whip factory is in motion. We are wasting millions upgrading the Wichita airport. Failing airlines are the canary in the coal mine for the effects of peak oil. Money would be better spent upgrading our rail assets. Airplane manufacturers: Take note and evolve.

If you think jobs are made by jobs bills, then please don’t vote.

When you don’t vote, it’s not rebellion. It’s surrender. Voting is important, necessary and your constitutional right.

Islamic terrorists are a far greater insult to the Prophet Muhammad than a cartoon or a movie trailer.

I think I’ll start a business that depends on government subsidies to exist and create jobs. I’m too late: It’s called wind power. At least Reps. Mike Pompeo and Tim Huelskamp care where my tax money goes.

The foolish think that Pompeo is against jobs. But a thoughtful man would consider that a job that has limited long-term economic viability is a short-term proposition. True marketplace viability is what economics requires. But this makes politicians with no experience or character quiver and shake.

Of course Pompeo doesn’t want subsidies going to new forms of energy. Oil companies and affiliates already got theirs, have lucrative businesses going, and can function well on their own – especially with no competition.

While Charles Koch would like to end government subsidies to business, the sad truth is that those subsidies will not end until businesses stop demanding them.

Mitt Romney’s desperate campaign offers considerable insight into what Americans can expect if he is elected president. Like George W. Bush’s, Romney’s actions are often after-the-fact overreactions he and his campaign attempt to pass off as responsible, brave and patriotic.

I hope everyone is flexible, because if Obama wins this election you can kiss this country as we know it now goodbye – right along with your butt.

While the “Shame on knitters” letter had a legitimate point, the criticism was way too harsh. To some, the enjoyment, good feelings and smiles that the “yarn bombing” evoked were just as worthwhile as what the letter writer suggested as a better use of time and material.

Someone is upset over the WSU knitters? Life is too short to get bent out of shape over something like this.

It’s about time the NFL returned all its sub referees to the Foot Locker.

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