Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 26)

09/25/2012 5:47 PM

09/25/2012 5:47 PM

Well, city leaders wanted to revitalize downtown. I think they got more than they bargained for. You put a bunch of drunks together and expect them all to behave like civilized human beings? Get real.

A recent Opinion Line comment congratulated Kris Kobach for doing “everything we can to defeat Obama.” I don’t remember that being part of the Kansas secretary of state’s job description. Maybe the RNC should pay his salary.

What Gov. Sam Brownback has done to the state of Kansas Mitt Romney will do to the United States of America if elected to the office of president. You voters need to open your eyes before you pull that handle for Romney.

If tax breaks are job destroyers, as Rep. Mike Pompeo says, shouldn’t they be taken away from every business that receives them? That would include oil and gas companies, aircraft companies, hotels, sporting-goods stores, and on and on and on.

Isn’t it ironic that people want qualified referees in the NFL, but can’t see how badly our nation is being officiated?

Our country is bankrupt, has thrown God and the Constitution under the bus, has been militarily reduced, and has laughable foreign policy and totally untrustworthy leaders. Yet we want four more years? Obama must be laughing at the naivete of Americans and how easily duped they are.

If you don’t care that Romney has offshore accounts that he is not paying taxes on that could help run this country and lessen your tax burden, no wonder these people get elected. Wake up, Kansas.

Ann Romney’s response to Republican criticism of her husband’s recent gaffes was, “Stop it. This is hard.” Does she think being president would be any less hard than campaigning to be president?

So President Obama thinks the killing of Americans in Libya and other places is a bump in the road. In November we need to give Obama a bump out of the road.

Our most venerable Republican, Bob Dole, is distributing food to those old people in the 47 percent? Come on, Mitt, take a shot on national television at Dole for handing out free food to all those old deadbeats. I dare you. Or won’t your foot fit any further in your mouth?

I didn’t watch the NFL when it used replacement players. I’m now not going to watch the NFL because of replacement referees. The Monday night game was a joke.

Since when did they start handing out handicap cards for just plain lazy people?

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