Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 25)

09/25/2012 12:00 AM

09/24/2012 5:33 PM

I wonder how many of the unemployed Siemens workers will vote for congressman Mike Pompeo, the man largely responsible for the loss of their jobs.

Regarding “Less crime in small towns, data shows” (Sept. 23 Eagle): Uh, duh. I hope we didn’t pay anything for this study. Isn’t this just an obvious fact?

I observed a traffic officer violate four traffic laws within a distance of three miles. Traffic enforcement officers should be required to pass a driver education course before getting behind the wheel of a patrol car.

As a successful businesswoman, I have decided that I must vote for Mitt Romney, the candidate whose policies will let me keep more of my money, because in the end my money is all that protects me from men like Mitt Romney.

Did you ever notice how the president’s campaign cites Romney for wrongdoing that Obama is actually guilty of doing himself?

Worldwide, more than 150 nuclear-energy projects are in the licensing and advanced stage, with 63 reactors under construction. In the U.S., however, President Obama is dragging his feet. It is tragic that our president is beholden to campaign contributions from flat-earth environmentalists.

I predict that if Romney is elected, the 47 percent who are too poor to pay taxes will increase to 50 to 60 percent in four years.

Another war is coming. Vote for Romney if you want the war there. Vote for Obama if you want the war here.

The choice for the presidential election is very simple. Do you want a person who is a great talker but poor performer (Obama)? Or do you want a person who is not the best talker but who has a proven record of economic and charitable accomplishments (Romney)?

Why do the rich spend their money trying to buy elections when that would destroy the system that made their own wealth possible? Are the wealthy trying to burn the ladder of success, and make it harder for the rest of us to get by?

Please tell me why those who can least afford to have children produce the most. I’m tired of paying for them. Give them loans, not handouts.

I manage a small manufacturing facility near Wichita. We cannot find help. The pay may start at minimum wage, but we have 30 or 40 employees who cannot come to work every day and then want to go home when they are there. They don’t seem to need work.

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