Opinion Line (Sept. 23)

09/23/2012 12:00 AM

09/21/2012 6:43 PM

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In the not too distant past, the only thing Americans asked of their government was to protect them from foreign and domestic threats. Families, churches and charitable organizations took care of their own and others, not the government. America never had a debt problem in those golden times.

The economy is improving, and will improve at a faster rate when President Obama is re-elected and Republicans in Congress are no longer focused on getting him out of office.

Every miscue by the NFL replacement refs is highlighted over and over. Now they know how Mitt Romney must feel. How can they get the Obama treatment?

Romney reminds me of the old adage, “I must hurry to find the others for I am their leader.”

Our government sends billions of our dollars overseas each year to countries that hate us, trying to buy their love. Try that on South Broadway and you’d get arrested.

When is the release date of Mitt 9.0 again?

I will not be voting for Mitt Romney, the elitist who disparages almost half the people he seeks to represent.

Both parties favor redistribution of wealth. One wants to distribute it upward and the other downward.

People need to lighten up. Romney was not bashing retirees. He was bashing the people who are entitlement brats, and who our running this country and the economy into the ground. He only said what the other 53 percent of Americans are thinking.

Obama needs to be impeached over the ambassador’s death and the Fast and Furious gun-trafficking operation. Nothing but lies out of his mouth and his administration.

Kansas is the laughingstock of the world again. Can you “birthers” just give it up and take care of this country’s real problems?

It’s OK to be embarrassed by the politicians in Kansas. But instead of being ashamed, be an ambassador for the freethinking, reasonable folks of our state, and let others know we don’t all fit the stereotype.

Kris Kobach is doing a great job as Kansas secretary of state. The left-wing editorial board of The Wichita Eagle and local liberal pundits are doing their best to pound him. I say: Great job, Kris. We need to do everything we can to defeat Obama.

The temperature in hell just dropped a bit. Sedgwick County is spending money on fixing a flooding problem rather than wasting it in downtown Wichita.

On Thursday during the 5 p.m. rush hour, three drivers in three lanes respectfully stopped short of the driveway I needed for a left turn at Rock Road and Central. Thank you to those drivers. I hope you are granted the same respect. I will pass it on, too.

To the young woman who stopped by my house to give me a beautiful bouquet of flowers because she thinks my front yard is pretty: Thank you. Your random act of kindness made my day.

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