Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 20)

09/20/2012 12:00 AM

09/19/2012 4:23 PM

Kris Kobach’s statement that “I have no doubts now” regarding President Obama’s citizenship reminded me of that old joke about the farmer and his mule. Before the workday started, the farmer had to hit the mule over the head with a baseball bat to get his attention.

It never ceases to amaze me that the voters in Kansas seem to want to elect people to represent us in Topeka and Washington, D.C., who are devoid of the thought processes of the general population. They keep us embarrassed to the point that we hate to admit we are from Kansas.

Has anyone noticed that the Obama campaign doesn’t talk about the important issues? Instead, it is all over Mitt Romney like fleas on a dog – anything to skirt the real truth about all the failures President Obama has had.

The Republicans are wondering why Romney isn’t in the lead in the polls. I’m wondering why President Obama isn’t further ahead.

If Romney thinks he didn’t state his views clearly with his $50,000 donors, heaven help him and America when he talks with foreign leaders.

I wonder if Romney knows that among the 47 percent of eligible voters he has dismissed are many Republicans on Social Security, or ones receiving military pensions.

About 49 percent of Americans are now on entitlements. With four more years of Obama, that number will only grow. The American republic, as developed by James Madison, will collapse. I would hope that those on the government dole can see that this type of service cannot go on forever. We all will lose.

Both of my parents died at 64 years old of cancer, thanks to cigarettes. It burns me up that had they lived to 65 and been able to draw full Social Security benefits, their beloved Republican Party would have considered them freeloaders after their years of hard work.

Romney should embrace his truthful comments about the 47 percent. He is not referring to veterans or the elderly who paid or earned their benefits. He is not referring to people who are disabled and unable to help themselves. His comments are about able-bodied Americans who prefer a welfare check to a paycheck.

If it is deemed racist for not voting for candidates simply because of the color of their skin, then is it not racism if you do vote for them simply because of their skin color?

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