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09/18/2012 12:00 AM

09/17/2012 6:03 PM

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Union greed is on full display in Chicago.

The light of truth is beginning to shine on the teachers unions and unions in general, exposing them for what they are and have become. They have become exactly what they were created to stop.

Teachers have a load and stress limit. The American family time is gone. Let’s ignore that and pass it to the teacher? Teachers are the problem? Look in the mirror, America.

How much tax money is being wasted on these tax-supported lobby groups such as the League of Kansas Municipalities and the National League of Cities? How about some investigative reporting on this?

Kansas, land of wackos. We’re still debating President Obama’s birth? Kansas is going to vote red like always. The GOP is just afraid of a landslide mandate and is looking to limit votes.

Trillions of dollars in war debt, a financial system in ruin, skyrocketing unemployment, two out-of-control wars – Republicans built that.

Those who still credit Obama with pulling troops out of Iraq and ending the conflict astound me with their sheer ignorance of the facts. Read the status of forces agreement pact from 2008 and learn something.

For the fourth straight year, annual incomes of the typical U.S. family have fallen, and projections are that it will be a generation before Americans regain income levels of the past. Obviously, Obama has no clue on how to fix the economy.

Fundamentally flawed by his narcissism, Obama will never be successful. He has always been allowed to play on a field that was, and still is, tilted in his favor. Slowly, but surely, even his acolytes in the media are coming to the realization that he is indeed incompetent.

If you believe everything you see and hear in an anti-Obama film, you must be as big a fool as the fool who made it. A fact check by the Associated Press said that much of “2016: Obama’s America” doesn’t hold water. The Republicans must be getting desperate.

Seen any good movies lately? I have – “Last Ounce of Courage.” Afterward, I e-mailed my son stationed in Djibouti and thanked him for serving and fighting to defend my freedoms, including the freedom to criticize my government for taking away more of my freedoms. Go see it before it’s too late.

KU should turn its football stadium into a Frisbee golf course.

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