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September 14, 2012

Opinion Line (Sept. 14)

Perhaps President Obama needs to visit Egypt and Libya to see how well our tax dollars sent there are appreciated.

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Perhaps President Obama needs to visit Egypt and Libya to see how well our tax dollars sent there are appreciated.

With the outbreaks of violence against Americans and the four deaths in Libya, you would think Obama could cancel a few campaign trips to actually do his job. Time for new leadership.

My mother-in-law so loved dogs that she assumed none would ever bite her, until a recent attack. I wonder if the Obama administration has had its “come to Jesus” moment about radical Islam yet. If Obama thinks being their friend and giving them billions will buy their friendship, he is extremely foolish.

Obama is going after Mitt Romney and he should be going after the terrorists.

Romney is too weak on world affairs. Our president is doing a great job and has experience in this fragile world. You just don’t go to war at a drop of the hat. Let’s end the war we have, not start another.

A candidate who would criticize a sitting president while our citizens are under attack and being killed overseas is not qualified, nor of the stature necessary, to be our president.

Romney’s foreign policy: If I don’t have money hidden in the country, bomb it.

Do politicians all over the country get confused about where they live after a census, or is that just a Kansas thing?

Every Chicago teacher on strike should be fired.

Imagine you could only keep your job based on the performance of another employee. That is what the teachers in Chicago are worried about. If apathetic students from apathetic homes don’t pass a standardized test, teachers could lose their jobs – not a nice prospect.

I hope the teachers win.

I’m tired of sitting behind the school bus every morning waiting on children to come meandering out of their house looking as if they just got out of bed. In my day, if you weren’t at the curb when the bus showed up, you got left behind.

Maize South High School parents were able to clean up, repair and place their steel bull for $6,000. The city of Wichita needs an estimated $40,000 to do the same thing to one for the Delano district. Maybe this is why our property taxes are so high.

People really love corn dogs and funnel cakes. Just sayin’.

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