Opinion Line (Sept. 10)

09/10/2012 12:00 AM

09/07/2012 8:14 PM

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I’m wise to it: The liberal agenda consists of nothing more than effete, East Coast values cooked up by Sean Penn, the Dixie Chicks and their ilk and intended to destroy the American family by getting our children to stink at math and listen to National Public Radio.

Republicans preach fear – of government takeover, of the liberals’ agenda, of Iraq, Iran and the Muslims. “They’re going to take our guns away. They’re trying to suppress our religious freedom. They’re trying to destroy the sanctity of marriage.” Fear, fear, fear. Democrats preach hope for the future and tolerance. I pick hope.

Contrary to what Hollywood and the Democrats want you to believe, most of us don’t have a homosexual family member and Sofia Vergara would never marry a guy who looked like Ed O’Neill.

Sorry, Mr. President – we expect our president to have the answers. So when you say you don’t have all of the answers, we’re ready to move on to Mitt Romney.

President Obama cited his shortcomings, then compared himself to President Lincoln. With all due respect, we knew Abe Lincoln and, Mr. President, you are no Abe Lincoln.

I respect and love President Obama and his decisions.

Mitt Romney has more money than political sense.

I have never watched such a sappy Democratic convention in all my life. Joe Biden is truly a fruit loop. Let’s all get down, hold hands and cry together.

Will Obama file for unemployment benefits after he loses the election?

So, you want to sack the “coach” who has lost four seasons in a row, even though his “team” was obstinate, uncooperative, unwilling and put all their efforts into throwing every single game? Name one coach who has succeeded under those circumstances.

When a party’s only objective is to defeat the incumbent, rather than the advancement of the nation, it will surely lose its credibility.

Only in Kansas would an arrogant, inexperienced know-it-all like Michael O’Donnell be elected to the state Senate over a person like Jean Schodorf, who has always worked for all Kansans. Sad.

“Drilling for wells may be harmful to the soil” (Sept. 3 Eagle). Not drilling for wells will be harmful to the country and our people.

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