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09/08/2012 12:00 AM

09/07/2012 8:09 PM

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The Republicans’ solution to fixing the economy is to funnel more money into the pockets of the wealthy, which will only make the income gap between the rich and the poor wider.

Freedom is never more than a generation away because there are always dangerous hucksters out there who offer security if we will cede to them a portion of our liberties. Freedom is never assured, so the current crowd in charge of Washington should be replaced by real leaders.

I watched the Democrats boo their Creator and then wildly cheer an ex-president who was impeached for lying about having an affair with a young intern.

Bill Clinton’s snow-job speech at the convention made Clint Eastwood sound like a poet laureate.

How disingenuous and cowardly that the GOP refuses to own up to its part in the financial mess while cravenly blaming it all on four years of Obama. Things could have gotten better faster if the GOP had something more constructive as a goal than just denying him another term.

It’s amusing to see the party that has spent the past four years building roadblocks and blowing bridges complaining about the lack of progress made by the other party. It’s sad that so many Kansans fail to recognize the hypocrisy of that behavior.

Joe Biden doesn’t need anybody else to try to portray him as a governing liability. Biden does it very nicely all by himself.

Regarding a comment directed at “all you losers living off the government”: I don’t care about your possessions or your bank account. I worked hard since I was 15, so I’m entitled to my Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, Medicare and Medi-caid. By the way, I’m not a loser.

I think that this nation really needs a viable third party. The Republican and Democratic parties have lost a lot of credibility among voters, especially this voter.

If you don’t want robocalls, register as a Democrat.

People who use wheelchairs but still drive themselves need the “van accessible” parking spots so they can get in and out of their vans. Please do not park in these spots when a regular handicapped spot is available. Please be kind and think of others.

After reading the nutrition information listed on the label of a bottle of Kroger water, I’m convinced that the government has gone a little overboard. After all, it’s just water.

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