Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 5)

09/05/2012 12:00 AM

09/04/2012 6:54 PM

I read in The Eagle that the Republicans will attack Vice President Joe Biden as a “crazy uncle” prone to saying inappropriate things. That sounds more like Mitt Romney on vacation in England and Israel than anything else.

Our president has been quick to criticize the top 1 percent, charging that they do not pay enough taxes. Actually, they pay 37 percent of federal income taxes while half of the population pays nothing. The president should encourage success so that more people can enjoy the American dream.

The Republicans need anger management.

The only way people can blame the current administration for the economy is if they ignore that it was already spiraling long before Bush left office and that Bush was responsible for TARP. And the chief reasons it is still tanked are Republican filibusters and inactivity, which are why Congress has a 10 percent approval rating.

Why is Bill Clinton campaigning for Obama after what Obama said about Hillary in 2008? What a mercenary hypocrite.

Don’t miss reading the book “The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House,” by Edward Klein, before you vote again.

The theme of the Republican convention appeared to be, “We’re all successful businessman and we did it all by ourselves. And if you give us lots of tax breaks, we may share some of your money with you.” Sounds like the same kind of pitch I’ve heard from a carnival barker.

The liberal news media were about to soil their underwear with the Democrat convention starting. It’s so obvious whose side the liberal media are on. It was never like that years ago. Years ago it was fair reporting for both sides. Now it’s lies and lies.

Football season seems to get just about everybody into a great mood. Too bad a presidential election has to ruin that great mood.

When is Louisiana going to quit allowing that hole in the ground by the Gulf of Mexico to be rebuilt? Or should building the houses on stilts be required? Houseboats, anyone?

Many west-siders would like to see a 50,000-square-foot Whole Foods supermarket at 29th Street North and Maize Road in addition to a Sam’s Club. We need more healthful foods on our side of the city.

Highly taxed state, no poker runs, no dog track, anti-fluoride, no burnouts at Blacktop Nationals this year – need I go on? Could we get more backward?

I love the Opinion Line, where personal conjecture is the basis for facts.

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