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09/05/2012 12:00 AM

09/04/2012 5:32 PM

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According to my calculations, the Dow Jones is up about 62.5 percent since President Obama took office. So I know that I’m better off than four years ago.

We are better off now than we were four years ago because a recovery is better than a recession. I’m amazed that we have to debate this.

Congratulations, Mr. President and Congress. The United States is now $16 trillion in debt. We expect no less from you.

Photo identification is required to enter the Democratic convention. Are the Democrats trying to suppress the delegates’ votes?

John Edwards should be the Democratic convention keynote speaker since he best represents Democratic values.

Mike Pompeo says no subsidies to alternative energy since the market should determine their success. Yet he insists on tax breaks to a more-than-healthy oil industry. That’s as bad as Mitt Romney saying he wishes Obama had succeeded when his party did everything it could to make sure he didn’t.

Clint Eastwood is my kind of guy.

I enjoyed Eastwood’s impression of Ronald Reagan.

I attended a school in which most of the families were poor, yet we did OK academically. The difference was that all the kids lived in intact families, and they didn’t remain poor. Parents owe their children an intact family. The real problem is that many parents don’t provide that.

It’s sad that the MDA telethon is now a three-hour “show,” and not very well promoted. The telethons were long and sometimes boring. But I was hoping that when they ended, it would be because cures or treatments had been found for many of these debilitating and life-shortening diseases.

We can all be thankful for this time of year. With the Kansas State Fair coming up in Hutch and the Winfield bluegrass festival, we’ll be looking forward to some badly needed rainfall in our region. It happens every time.

Lots of sloppy drivers out there these days. They don’t signal when turning, changing lanes or exiting the freeway. They don’t turn into the nearest lane when turning onto or entering a multilane street or highway. They don’t turn on their headlights in rain or fog.

You don’t have to do what the other people tell you to do. Follow your own path. So stop trashing other people unless you want them trashing you. I would say that covers it.

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