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September 4, 2012

Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 4)

America is in need of a big change in order to spur the economy. More of the same will mean four more years of the same.

America is in need of a big change in order to spur the economy. More of the same will mean four more years of the same.

What has happen to our Moral Majority? They support a political party that accepts money from casino owners and whose delegates go to strip joints and support gay marriages. I thought they were against these issues.

Voting for someone because he is black is as racist as voting against someone because he is black.

I’m one of those undecided voters. Mitt Romney didn’t convince me he can come even close to understanding the average person. I will take my chances with President Obama in November. The Republican-led Congress needs to go. It is the real problem.

The Republican nominees do not believe in facts or science. How can a U.S. citizen put any faith in these two men if they are telling bald-faced lies now?

Let’s see if Obama takes the high road at the Democratic convention and tells what he is going to do to get us back on track. I think he will bash Romney, Paul Ryan and the Republicans. He’s such a low-class person.

An expecting mother can choose to murder her baby. But if the mother chooses life, Michelle Obama gets to decide what that child will eat at school for lunch? That doesn’t makes sense.

Thanks to the first lady’s new school-lunch awareness program, my teenage kids’ school lunches have been reduced in size, still costing me the same amount per meal. They can go back though the line at an additional cost to get enough to eat. Thanks for helping out the middle class.

Republicans complain that parents are not doing enough to ensure that their children do well in school. At the same time, they want to deprive women of the right to choose to have children. Forcing a family to have unwanted children is not going to turn them into good parents.

I don’t see why pro-life people shouldn’t support gays. Gay sex has brought about exactly zero abortions.

I bet all the press about police shootings lowers the crime rate here in Wichita.

Here’s a budget-cutting suggestion: Since the Kansas secretary of state position appears to be part-time employment, pay accordingly.

There was a blue moon on the day of Neil Armstrong’s memorial service. How fitting. A person like Armstrong comes along once in a blue moon.

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