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09/04/2012 12:00 AM

08/31/2012 6:26 PM

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I finally figured out what Sedgwick County Manager William Buchanan was talking about when he said to do less with less. He was talking to county employees about their paychecks, which keep shrinking more and more because the cost of living is more and more every year.

The new budget for the Wichita school district comes to more than $1,000 per month per student. Yet many students cannot write legibly in cursive or print, make change without a calculator, or identify Reagan, Eisenhower or Truman. I challenge The Eagle to poll five random 11th-graders and see if I am wrong.

When a large surgical group tries to hold a hospital hostage, the patients, nurses and techs suffer. If you take care of a patient, everything else will follow. If the surgeons stop worrying about power, control and money, they will start to remember why we are here in the first place.

Copper thieves cost homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars in damage to steal a few dollars’ worth of copper. A thief who had stolen or vandalized 68 air-conditioner units was sentenced by a judge to one year of probation. The judge let all of us down.

A local judge opted for probation over prison for a copper thief. The thief makes a few hundred dollars from thefts while costing victims thousands. Thanks, Judge.

I do not want fluoride in the water I depend on. I should not have to explain my reasons to anyone. This is my body, and only I get to choose what I ingest. There are other options for all who want fluoride. Salt fluoridation is much cheaper; water fluoridation is money down the drain.

Each time I’m in a public place, I look around at all the strangers who will decide the fate of my children who have thyroid disease. If they ignorantly vote “yes” for fluoridation, my children’s health will suffer. How can this happen in a free society?

Dentists make a lot of money off our bad teeth. So why would they recommend fluoridating Wichita’s water supply? Because they know from experience what works, and they care.

Our Founding Fathers never saw a need to fluoridate their water supply. After all, they had perfectly good wooden teeth.

If they put fluoride in the water, will it make my hair nice and strong, too, when I wash it?

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