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09/03/2012 12:00 AM

08/31/2012 6:02 PM

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Anyone else notice the city’s lack of maintenance? We all know about the streets. But notice the sidewalks, signs, stoplight poles, city-owned trees, water leaks, lack of graffiti removal, etc. I guess they’re too worried about cab drivers’ shirts to notice.

If you think socialism is all wrong then stop using public water, stay off the roads, home-school without using eSchool paid by taxes, etc. I like having city water so I don’t have to bathe in the Arkansas River.

With the water and sewer rate increases we seem to have every other month in Wichita, I now conserve water by wearing the same underwear for a week at a time before hand washing them. I guess one stinky issue leads to another.

All candidates need to make a pledge to do what they were elected to do or get out. You are not elected to work on being re-elected. Drop the partisan baloney and get to work.

If Mitt Romney wishes President Obama had succeeded, then he’s the only Republican who thinks that. Other Republicans have made it their only job to ensure that the president has one term.

The difference between the Obama and Ryan budgets is that Obama wants to cut $700 billion from Medicare and spend it on health care, and Ryan wants to cut $700 billion from Medicare and stuff it into the pockets of millionaires.

Nearly every point Paul Ryan made in his address to the RNC could be disproved by a simple Google search. Why don’t the major newspapers and other media outlets report this?

I wish the Bush family, Karl Rove and their acolytes would simply go away. I will never vote for Jeb Bush. He is the most liberal politician in the family.

Instead of the SEAL team author possibly facing charges, maybe we should be prosecuting our president for lying to the people.

A U.S. State Department official said phrases like “hold down the fort” are culturally insensitive. Elsewhere in the world, people are being beheaded and this is what we are wasting our tax dollars on?

Tropical Storm Isaac did not cause the spike in gas prices. The oil companies jacked up the price because they know they can get away with it. The government could stop it but won’t because there is too much money involved.

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