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August 30, 2012

Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 30)

Mr. President: Put on your work boots and show us how you can run this country. You only have two months to show us.

Mr. President: Put on your work boots and show us how you can run this country. You only have two months to show us.

Can the person who said that Sens. Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts were responsible for mess we are in, and not President Obama, explain how then-Sen. Obama had nothing to do with anything? When exactly does he take any blame for anything going on?

I think any Republican member of Congress who has signed Grover Norquist’s pledge should resign. They no longer represent the people. They represent Norquist. He wants us to go back to a USA that was in the beginning of the 1900s. I prefer my modern life.

Rep. Kevin Yoder and other congressmen should have been criticized for accepting another junket by Israeli influence peddlers. Subsidizing the failed socialism of Israel and its ongoing suppression of Christians and Muslims has made the U.S. a pariah, and cost too many lives of our soldiers and other Americans.

To the individual who quoted Proverbs 18:12 regarding the “We built it” slogan at the RNC: Christians who know their Bible know that Proverbs is Old Testament. I suggest you read Matthew 7:1 in the New Testament.

No man is an island. That’s what Obama meant.

On her worst day, Sarah Palin would make a better vice president than Joe Biden on his best day.

Republicans used buzzwords like “terrorist,” “war” and “soft on crime” to elect George W. Bush. Now, it’s “anti-business,” “socialist” and “depression.” I’ve got a few for them: “anti-women,” “greed,” “bigoted.”

After much thought, it seems all that stands between this country and prosperity is our own federal government. Seems odd.

The Equus Beds aquifer recharge is a worthy project, but its implementation is too aggressive. Wichita won’t become a megalopolis in the next 40 years. Let’s slow the project some and spread the costs over a longer time period.

If men could get pregnant and have an abortion, it would be a sacrament.

Until you, as a female, prove to me, as a male, that you can reproduce via virgin birth, I will have and express my opinions on abortion. We do still live in the U.S., right? I’ve often wondered what your opinion would be if you had to perform the abortion yourself.

Doesn’t PETA stand for People Eating Tasty Animals?

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