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08/29/2012 12:00 AM

08/28/2012 6:16 PM

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U.S. arms sales have hit a record $66.3 billion. I guess they jumped the gun awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama.

For you and all of those at the GOP convention who claim you built your businesses all by yourself: You should read Proverbs 18:12.

Obama has been campaigning on a message of “it would have been worse if the Republicans were in power.” He rarely mentions his failed $787 billion stimulus program or the four years of trillion-dollar debt. It’s not Mitt Romney’s tax returns. It’s the economy, stupid.

Pay the House and the Senate by the hour.

If we were to start a petition for the recall of Secretary of State Kris Kobach, could we use signatures from Arizona, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Florida and all the other states for which he has worked? Or would only Kansas signatures suffice?

Is “extreme” being against abortion except in cases of rape or incest, or to save the life of the mother? Or is it the attitude that all abortion is OK at any time, paid for with your money, and survivors of abortion can be left for dead? Exceptions or infanticide? You decide.

Anyone who believes a baby conceived by rape should not be aborted is either a man, or a woman who has never been raped and thinks she never will be raped.

When I see a man give birth, it will be OK for him to voice his opinion regarding abortion. Otherwise, fellows, keep your pants zipped.

Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo. – one more reason to replace bigoted, old white male politicians with the fresh, smart, young women we have in this country.

Editorial cartoonist Richard Crowson and The Eagle have sunk to a new low (Aug. 26 Opinion). Would a picture of Muhammad be printed next to a picture of a Muslim with some snide remark against that person? As a Christian, I am protesting the cartoon that included a picture of Jesus.

Crowson got it all wrong with his “walking on the water” cartoon. Jesus didn’t have faith in God. He was God.

In Rodney King’s words, “Can we all get along?” Stop the constant political hatred on both sides and enjoy life.

Neil Armstrong was a true trailblazer. We need more people like him now. We have an incredible void in national leadership. May he rest in peace.

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