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08/27/2012 12:00 AM

08/24/2012 5:42 PM

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With the rate increases for Westar Energy and the pending rate increase for Kansas Gas Service, all in the name of profit, and the looming possibility of no water for Wichita, who will be able to afford to live in Kansas – or even want to, for that matter?

My husband and I have always done our best to keep our utilities affordable. Now we find out again that we’ve conserved too much and will probably have to pay even more so the gas company can reap more profits and pay higher dividends to its stockholders. Where’s the justice?

This republic is headed toward an all-powerful federal government controlled by big-money corporations. We the people no longer have a voice. “A government of corporations, for corporations and by corporations” is the way both foreign and domestic corporations want the U.S. Constitution to read.

I find it very interesting that many Kansans criticize President Obama for the job he is doing, yet they have never held Kansas Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran responsible for helping create the mess this country is in. Obama did not create this mess.

I see they want us to vote on water fluoridation. How about letting us vote on the food sales tax?

West-siders, take note: There is an invention called sunglasses. Please buy a pair and wear them on Kellogg. Traffic will flow so much better in the mornings if you can see.

You can tell that school is back in session. Before classes resumed, the school buses were coming through neighborhoods at 20 to 30 mph. Now that the school year has started, the buses are blowing through the neighborhoods at 50 mph. I guess the drivers are off of training status.

Home-schoolers are typically those who can’t afford private schools but don’t want their children exposed to society and the perceived lesser quality education in public schools. Educational outcomes of the two are comparable, but socially the home-schooled are underserved.

The Kansas State Board of Education needs to concern itself with the public-schooled children who may not be getting an adequate education. After home schooling for 10 years, and being around more than a hundred other home-schooling families during that time, I have yet to meet one like the family board chairman David Dennis described.

People, please learn how to correctly use the words “healthy” and “healthful.”

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