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08/24/2012 12:00 AM

08/23/2012 4:37 PM

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The Brownback-Laffer tax cuts don’t take effect until January 2013. They should have started immediately or even retroactively to January 2012. We need to stimulate the Kansas economy now.

The state lowers the taxes for the rich. Then a week after the primary election, all state departments are asked to cut their budgets by 10 percent. Sorry, education. Sorry, elderly. Sorry, poor of our great state. The governor fooled a strong majority through the primary. I hope we wake up in November.

The Brownback and Koch three-step plan: Cut income taxes, eliminate business taxes, loosen regulations. Wait for the budget to tank. Blame the deficit on greedy public employees and unions.

Gov. Sam Brownback didn’t slow down the DMV. All of those changes were in the works before he was elected.

When can we expect Brownback to announce he is hiring Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri as an abortion consultant? With Rep. Kevin Yoder being successful in water management in the Sea of Galilee, maybe he could solve the Nebraska-Kansas water feud.

Republicans have revealed themselves: Men can skinny-dip, but women are not allowed any control of their bodies.

Kevin the Kansas rep went swimming in the sea, and scared off all the tourists in the land of Galilee. Sorry, Peter, Paul and Mary.

Isn’t it ironic that Joe Biden’s race-baiting comment got buried deep in The Eagle, but a Republican congressman’s skinny-dipping made the front page?

Unemployment rose in 44 states in July. I am sure that it is because Mitt Romney had not released his income taxes for the past 10 years.

Romney says, “Read my lips: No new taxes to be released!”

Forget fluoride. Put birth control in the water.

I will have no one to blame for more taxes but myself if I fail to vote in the future. Who would have guessed these spoiled little rich kids in Andover would be getting more of my Social Security check by just a couple votes this past election?

We have more than enough ads during the commercial breaks on the TV. Yet they still have ads on the screen during the show. I even have ads pop up on my computer home page and have to stop to delete each one, which is very annoying.

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