Opinion Line (Aug. 17)

08/17/2012 12:00 AM

08/16/2012 7:23 PM

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Economist Arthur Laffer said the Brownback tax plan “will make a big difference in a decade.” A decade? They demand that President Obama fix the entire U.S. economy in three years. The hypocrisy is stunning, but oh so typical.

Taking economic advice from someone named Laffer would be as dumb as taking investment advice from someone named Madoff. Oh, wait.

Vice President Joe Biden, undeniably clownish, fell ever lower with his “chains” gaffe. The truth is that the chains that bind are indeed real: They are known as debt and dependency.

Mitt Romney’s money has nothing to do with running the country. He is a very successful businessman, unlike President Obama. You would think that is what Americans would want, not bellyaching about his overseas bank accounts. That is so immaterial.

Paul Ryan a Catholic? If so why does he so vehemently propose legislation that goes against the teachings of his religion – to feed the poor, care for the elderly, heal the sick, and nurture the children?

I can understand why Democrats view Paul Ryan as a radical. He has proposed a budget, something that Senate Democrats have been unable to do for more than three years. Now that is radical.

It is not the gun that kills people. Remember Timothy McVeigh.

When have you ever read or heard of a woman of any age being arrested for a mass shooting like the ones in Colorado and Wisconsin? Never. Women have better sense.

First it was President Bush declaring “mission accomplished” after the war in Afghanistan. Now we have Kris Kobach basking, in premature victory, over voter ID laws. History will show that 2012 led to the end of the fair American democratic election process. Repercussions and consequences will be felt for generations.

Regarding the Opinion Line comment asking if a person with tattoos is either “on parole or escaped”: The majority of criminals have tattoos, but the majority of tattooed people aren’t criminals. Doctors, lawyers, cops, firefighters, soldiers, fathers and mothers have tattoos. Get over it.

Body art does not change character. Judging on outward appearance is shallow and rude. Tattoos should not define the people who have them.

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